21 Feb 2017

Harmful effects of using shampoo

In modern days we are so much dependable in chemical products to take care our health parts.One of them is to use shampoo on hair.But I think most of us  don't care about it's negative effect.

Here I try to give some alarming information to all.

Some chemical uses in shampoo to produce it and their negative effects given below.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate:Probably the most dangerous ingredient in shampoo.It is a surfactant, emulsifier and
 detergent used so many cosmetic products ,which is also used in industrial cleaners.It is linked with serious 
damage of scalp skin,hair loss and damage.This chemical also create nitrate compounds which can cause cancer
and cell damage.

Phthalates:It is chemical that can harmful for your sexual health.It can lower sperm-motility in adult men or teenagers.
I think Women are not free from it's harmful  effect.This chemical may be use for fragrance of the shampoo.

Methyl iso thiazolinone (MIT) :This is used to prevent bacteria developing in shampoo but it is harmful for 
our nervous system.

Parabens:It is harmful for female hormone estrogen,which may drive the growth of human breast tumors 
can also lead to breast cancer.

Triclosan:It can cause irritation of skin ,eyes ,lungs and also cause endocrine disruption,organ system toxity.

There are also many other harmful ingredients like Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Polysorbates,Polyethylene Glycol (PEG),
Phenoxyethanol,Dimethicone,Behentrimonium Chloride,Quaternium-15.

Everyone should bear on mind that anything which is not natural ,these have side effects on health.

16 Feb 2017

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics

People use makeup to look them beautiful and to attract others.But they need to know his/her beauty is not for all and the side effects of makeup is so dangerous for skin.You may look beautiful
for some hours but it's effect on your skin stay for long time.

And why should you do it,are you not happy with your natural beauty?Why should you wanted to get 
satisfy by artificial beauty?

Here I describe some bad effects of taking makeup.

 Acne:It is a common problem.The chemicals can also causes rashes,itching.

Dryness of skin:The powder can make your skin dry because it absorbs the water or oil of your skin.

Allergic Reaction:Some makeup ingredients like fragrances and preservatives trigger allergic reactions.

Cancer:Hydrated silica is a chemical which can cause the development of cancer.Chemicals also absorbed through the skin and bringing toxin to the lungs.

3 Jan 2017

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd is also known by cacabash.It has different names in different region.Such as lauki,lau,doodhi in Indian region.No matter by which it called.Here I try to describe it's health benefits.

Nutrition facts:It contains Vitamin-C,Vitamin-B,Thiamin,Niacin,Pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, sodium, manganese and magnesium etc.Most importantly it doesn't contain any fat, also low in calorie and about 90% water.

Weight loss:This is a popular vegetable for weight loss.The juice of bottle gourd is widely used for weight loss.It contains heavy 
fiber and low in calories(14%) with no fat.

Digestion:The fiber and water of bottle gourd can clean your your digestive track and helps you for easy bowel movement.It also treats diarrhoea and constipation.You can drink it's juice ,if you like.It is useful in urinary disorder.

Healthy heart:By consuming bottle gourd juice regularly on empty stomach in morning you can low your  LDL cholesterol level(bad cholesterol for health) and increase HDL cholesterol level(good cholesterol for health). This  is good for your heart.Reduce 
the risk of stroke.

Some Negative Effects of Playing Video Games

Some negative of playing video games are given below.

Time Killing:These games are so much addictive.
For this reason it kills a lot of time of a person especially teenagers,students.

Aggressive Behavior : Video games with violent/destructive content can causes aggressive behavior in any person especially teenagers. Study showed that young people who show more rapid desensitization to violent pictures are going to be more accepting of violence, which is dangerous for the society at large.

Poor Academic Result:Those students who spend a lot of time to play video games, they don't give enough time to study.Particularly, violent games are directly related to attention problems.

 So,this causes poor academic performance of a student.

Physical Problems:Researchers found that who spend lot of times by playing video games were much more likely to develop black rings  under the eyes and may also in risk of displacement 
of the shoulder blade, which can be caused by poor posture and muscle stiffness.

Attention Problems: Researchers claims that those children who spend more than two hours of screen time per day are twice as likely to have trouble paying attention.It may be playing video games or watching television.

Lack of Vitamin-D:Pediatrics reported that 7 out of 10 children are vitamin D deficient.Naturally Vitamin-D is absorbed by sunlight.But who are addicted ,they can't get enough sunlight.

Stress:When someone become so obsessed with video games, their failures and pressure to achieve their goals in a game cause excessive amounts of stress.So what is played for fun and entertainment transforms into a catalyst for stress, anger and misery.

Changes in Lifestyle:Who are addicted in video games ,they are not so aware of eating ,sleeping ,bathing or doing other daily activities time to time.These bad habits can causes stroke,hypertension or other physical problems in the long run. 

Some Bad Effects of Taking Sleeping Pills

Many people take sleeping pills in order to take a restful sleep or in problems with sleeping at night.Someone take it as a drug.But they should be aware of it.
Because it has many side effects on health.

Some side effects of taking sleeping pills given below.

   * Dizziness
   * Drowsiness in day life(it cause problems with driving,in                   working place,in class etc)
   * Dryness of mouth
   * Memory loss
   * High blood pressure
   * Blurred vision
   * Clumsiness
   * Breathing difficulties
   * Difficulty with coordination

How to develop good sleeping habits

  *Do physical work or take exercise at day time
  *Try to sleep early at night 
  *Wake up early at morning
  *Don't sleep at the time of sunrise and sunset
  *Avoid Oversleeping
  *Don't use your bed for other works such as                                         eating,reading,watching television
  *Avoid caffeineted drinks at night
  *Give up smoking and drinking alcohol
  *Avoid working on a computer, tablet or smartphone late in the         evening

Do these things and say Good-bye to sleeping pills.