25 Dec 2015

Milk,how much healthy

You need to know some facts about milk which  can be helpful for your health.Most importantly milk is so much balanced having many number of nutrients.

  1.Many  nutritional components in milk such as Carbohydrate,Proteins,Vitamins,Minerals,Fats etc.
  2.The protein and carbohydrate of milk gives us so much energy.
  3.Milk contains many types of vitamins.Such as Vitamin A,B, C,D,K which are essential for our            health.

22 Dec 2015

Some rules to keep charge for long time

Mobile is now part and parcel of our daily life.We need to charge it and everyone want to keep charge for long time.Here are some rules to keep charge for long time.
  1.Don't install unnecessary apps(software) on your phone.
  2.Close your apps after using it and don't minimize  more apps.
  3.Turn off your Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection if not needed.

17 Dec 2015

Some facts of using mobile(phone)

Mobile is very important part of our daily life.We couldn't think a day without it .So we need to know some information of using it.Some real facts on it
  1.Don't be very dependent this type of device.It harms your brain to memorize something or thinking about something.It reduces your creativity.
  2.Try to to keep mobile far away from your body .Because some rays are always appear to keep your mobile working.Which is bad for human skin.

10 Dec 2015

Some rules of SEX for making it enjoyable

If you are married,you can read this post fully or you should avoid it or you read it but don't do it before marriage.

It is very important part of our life.If you don't do it properly and don't give much pleasure to your wife ,your wife can go to other's.

So be careful about this and follow  some important rules

  1.You shouldn't do it for your own satisfaction only.You must try to give pleasure to your wife also.

  2.Before doing this you should mentally prepared.If your wife isn't agree ,you will try to agree her to do this.Neither you don't get satisfaction.

  3.To make it more satisfactory you should kiss  more in her whole body(mostly sensitive point) .It's pleased you and your wife. 4.After preparing her you can go ahead.

  5.Don't talk much during sex.

  6.After sperming (out of sperm) wait a little before come down of         her body.

2 Dec 2015

Rules of Sleeping

Sleeping is very important part of our life.The duration of sleeping is varies to the age.We need to sleep to keep our body fit, freshness of  mind and also get energies to work.But some rules of sleeping mandatory for all to keep our health fit.

  1.Excess is very bad.It is  also right for sleeping.Don't sleep more than expected hours.An    adult  person need 6-8 hours to sleep.It may vary if you are sick according to doctor's opinion.
  2.Don't sleep at the time of sun rise or sun set.
  3.Avoid to turn turtle/prostrate at the time of sleeping.It is harmful for kidney.
  4.Be tilt to the right side not to the left side.It is good for digestion.
  5.Keep loose(not tight) clothes when sleeping.
  6.Don't sleep after eating instantly.It has harmful effect for digestion.
  7.Try to sleep early at night and get early in the morning.
Please try to follow this rules for your's health.

1 Dec 2015

Some Important Rules of Eating

We are human beings .We eat to live .At the time of eating  we should maintain some rules.By maintain these rules we can protect ourselves from many diseases.

   1.First of all we should  eat or drink by our right hand,must not be       left hand(if no excuse ).

   2.Eat or drink something by sitting ,not by standing(if possible).

   3.Take your breakfast early in the morning ,try to launch before           1:00 pm ,take your dinner as early  as  possible .

   4.Take some  rest after launch ,walks sometime after dinner .

   5.Avoid puffing to hot foods and drinks.It makes a harmful                  chemicals (Bromide).

  6.Don't eat or drink something which is so much hot or cold.

  7.Try to avoid eat something ,if you are not hungry .

  8.Should not go to  sleep just after eating .It causes damage to our      digestive system.

  9.Drink water after 8-10 minutes of taking your meal.

  10.Don't waste your meals.It's so bad.Because some people are              died for hunger in this world.

   11.Avoid eating much more at a time.The best way is divide your
        stomach in three parts ,one for meal,one for water and other is        empty.

I hope if  you maintain these rules, you'll be able to keep your health fit.