1 Dec 2015

Some Important Rules of Eating

We are human beings .We eat to live .At the time of eating  we should maintain some rules.By maintain these rules we can protect ourselves from many diseases.

   1.First of all we should  eat or drink by our right hand,must not be       left hand(if no excuse ).

   2.Eat or drink something by sitting ,not by standing(if possible).

   3.Take your breakfast early in the morning ,try to launch before           1:00 pm ,take your dinner as early  as  possible .

   4.Take some  rest after launch ,walks sometime after dinner .

   5.Avoid puffing to hot foods and drinks.It makes a harmful                  chemicals (Bromide).

  6.Don't eat or drink something which is so much hot or cold.

  7.Try to avoid eat something ,if you are not hungry .

  8.Should not go to  sleep just after eating .It causes damage to our      digestive system.

  9.Drink water after 8-10 minutes of taking your meal.

  10.Don't waste your meals.It's so bad.Because some people are              died for hunger in this world.

   11.Avoid eating much more at a time.The best way is divide your
        stomach in three parts ,one for meal,one for water and other is        empty.

I hope if  you maintain these rules, you'll be able to keep your health fit.

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