2 Dec 2015

Rules of Sleeping

Sleeping is very important part of our life.The duration of sleeping is varies to the age.We need to sleep to keep our body fit, freshness of  mind and also get energies to work.But some rules of sleeping mandatory for all to keep our health fit.

  1.Excess is very bad.It is  also right for sleeping.Don't sleep more than expected hours.An    adult  person need 6-8 hours to sleep.It may vary if you are sick according to doctor's opinion.
  2.Don't sleep at the time of sun rise or sun set.
  3.Avoid to turn turtle/prostrate at the time of sleeping.It is harmful for kidney.
  4.Be tilt to the right side not to the left side.It is good for digestion.
  5.Keep loose(not tight) clothes when sleeping.
  6.Don't sleep after eating instantly.It has harmful effect for digestion.
  7.Try to sleep early at night and get early in the morning.
Please try to follow this rules for your's health.

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