17 Dec 2015

Some facts of using mobile(phone)

Mobile is very important part of our daily life.We couldn't think a day without it .So we need to know some information of using it.Some real facts on it
  1.Don't be very dependent this type of device.It harms your brain to memorize something or thinking about something.It reduces your creativity.
  2.Try to to keep mobile far away from your body .Because some rays are always appear to keep your mobile working.Which is bad for human skin.

  3.When you go to sleep keep your mobile far away from your head.
  4.Don't spend much time on facebook or any other social media site.
  5.Avoid to talking much over phone specially when it is low charged.
  6.Try to keep your mobile screen clean.Because a huge number Bacteria lives here.
  7 .Don't use internet,playing games, watching a video or hearing song when it is charging or low charged.Because it is harmful for your mobile phone.

So,all of you please keep this writings on your mind and try to do it.

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