10 Dec 2015

Some rules of SEX for making it enjoyable

If you are married,you can read this post fully or you should avoid it or you read it but don't do it before marriage.

It is very important part of our life.If you don't do it properly and don't give much pleasure to your wife ,your wife can go to other's.

So be careful about this and follow  some important rules

  1.You shouldn't do it for your own satisfaction only.You must try to give pleasure to your wife also.

  2.Before doing this you should mentally prepared.If your wife isn't agree ,you will try to agree her to do this.Neither you don't get satisfaction.

  3.To make it more satisfactory you should kiss  more in her whole body(mostly sensitive point) .It's pleased you and your wife. 4.After preparing her you can go ahead.

  5.Don't talk much during sex.

  6.After sperming (out of sperm) wait a little before come down of         her body.

  7.Avoid using any artificial methods(taking any drugs,drinks etc).It's harmful for health.It may give more pleasure for some days but it ruins your power of  sex.

  8.Don't do it at the time of  period of your wife.

  9.Most importantly don't use back of your wife 

Please try to follow these rules to make your life enjoyable.

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