19 Nov 2016

Bad effects of cleaning beards

Bad effects on eyes:There is connection between the eyes and beards.When you clean beards it affects your sensors of eyes.
Effects on skin:Beards protect your skin from UV radiation comes from sun.It helps to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin youthful.Makes your skin smooth Saves from Asthma and Allergy also.
Infections:You didn't need to worry about bacterial infection,ingrowths,folliculitis. But if you shave regularly you will face problems with these.
Sex:Believe it or not  that there is a connection between beard growth and the potential for sex.If you keep beards it makes you sexually strong.On the contrary shaving regularly makes you weak with sex.
Waste of time:Dr. Herbert Mescon of Boston University calculate that if anyone start shaving in 15(age) he will spend 3350 hours approximately when he is 55.Which is about 139 full days.Also spent thousands of dollars by buying razors,shaving cream,lotions etc.
Love of women:It is natural that beards grow only on men's face and women got long hair.As we are attracted with long hair of woman,they are also attracted and simply feel love with beards.

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