13 Nov 2016

Bad effects of overeating

Man eat to live.But overeating is dangerous for health.Here some bad effects of over eating described below.

Digestion:Overeating made effects on digestion.If we eat so much your digestive system couldn't work properly.You feel uncomfortable for this.
Weight gain and obesity:It causes unhealthy weight on your body and makes you obese.
Whole body affected:Overeating causes problems on your respiratory system,immune system.Makes your heart weak.Damages your liver,Kidney,stomach.Causes high blood 
pressure also.
Laziness:It is very important that overeating makes you so much      lazy.You can't do any work properly.

Brain:Overeating makes your brain blunt.You can't use your brain   properly.
Sex:It affects on your sex also.

   The best way of eating is to divide your stomach in three parts,one part is for meals,one part is for water ,other is empty(Believe it or not).So,at the time of eating control yourself.

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