24 Nov 2016

Bad effects of watching horror movie

Huge number of people in this world are very much keen to watch 
horror movie to get some exiting or horror feeling.There are also
 some person who know that if he/she watched it he/she can't live 
a natural life for few hours or days.You hardly believe that a 65 
year old woman in India died when she was watching conjuring-2.
Here I listed some harmful effects of watching these type of movie.  
1.Stress:While watching horror movie,stress hormones such as cortisol released to the counter the stress induced.

2.Digestion problem:It affects your digestion system,because the enzymes or hormones could not work properly,when you get fear.

3.Heart risk:Heart patients must be careful,because horror movies causes increase your heart rate,which may result in heart attack.

4.Sleep and fear:When you close your eyes to sleep,the scenes of the movies appear on you and you got afraid to sleep.

5.Phobia:By watching portrayed in horror movie,you may develop phobia towards animals.Such as blood,water,insects,fire,reptiles.

6.Changes of behavior. Watching horror movie including bloody scenes in it have the chances of getting affected by the violence and horror of the movie which in turn transforms the behavior of a person.

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