11 Nov 2016

Bad/negative effects of using cellphone .

Cellphone is the part and parcel in our daily life.But it has some demerits also.Here I try to describe it.

1.Concentration:During study or doing any types of work you can't concentrate more if you are addicted on social media.It reduces your ability to focus on something.
2.Sickness:By typing,swiping,tapping mobile screen get germ packed.When you touch it some viruses and bacteria comes your hand finally in your body.You may not fall  sick instantly ,but it causes bad consequences.
3.Vision:Using phone too close to your eyes causes eye strain,dry eye and blurred  vision.It causes headaches also.
4.Hearing:Radiation emitted from mobile causes damage of  delicate working of your  ear.Who spends more than two or more    hours with phone talking ,very much chance  face problem on  hearing.
5.Cancer:The radiation of cellphone damage your brain.In the long term it leads to  brain cancer.
6.Sleeping problems:Many users face problem with sleeping at night.They try to sleep  but they can't sleep early.
7.Fertility:Maximum people brings their mobile on pocket.But the radiation or heat of mobile making harmful effect on your sperm which damage your fertility.

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