14 Nov 2016

Bad effects of eating pigs

Disease:Eating pigs causes some diseases like diabetes,osteoporosis,arthritis,asthma,impotence
,heart diseases etc .
Carries virus:Pigs carries tapeworm,HEV,Nipah virus,Menangle 
virus,PRRS etc.
Body effect:It harms your digestive system,respiratory system,immune system,your brain,makes you lazy.It also causes headache,muscle pain,high fever.
Obesity:The meats of pig can cause the obesity.
Cancer:It causes blood cancer,liver cancer,breast cancer.
Sexual problems:It damages your sexual power,which affects your fertility.A very important fact is that pigs carries a gene for which it want's to share his wife with others.If you eat pigs this bad habits comes to you also.

Be careful about it and stop it from today.

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