24 Nov 2016

Harmful effects of chocolate

It is difficult to find someone who doesn't like chocolate.
But most of the cases processed food isn't good for our health.
Chocolate is also one of them.Here I described some bad 
effects of chocolate.

Gain weight:Most of the chocolate contains so much sugar and fat.The added sugar in chocolate has no nutritional value,it causes
weight gain and heart diseases according to the American
Heart Association.
Diabetes:The carbohydrate in chocolate can cause spikes
in your blood sugar,which may lead to Type 2 diabetes.
Cavity:Excessive sugar in chocolate causes tooth decay
and cavity problems which often send you to the dentist.
Caffeine effects:The caffeine of chocolate causes many problems
such as sleep problems,nausea,vomiting,anxiety,depression,
Dark chocolate contains more caffeine than milk chocolate.
Headache:Chocolate can causes headache for migraine 
sufferers.But who has no problems with migraine,they are
not risk free at all.
Acne:If you have problems with digestion,the carbohydrate
of chocolate may cause acne.

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