11 Nov 2016

Harmful effects of smoking

We all are know that smoking is bad for our health.But many people do it.I just say them please give up this bad habit.Some harmful effect of smoking listed below

  1.First of all it affects your lungs and natural breathing.Day by day you feel  uncomfortable with your breathing.But you can't feel it if you are new smoker.
  2.Smoking also cause cancer in lungs,trachea,oral cavity,lip,nasal cavity  larynx,stomach,kidney,liver etc.
  3.Smoking causes emphysema,chronic bronchitis,            pneumonia,tuberculosis also.

  4.Smoking affects your blood circulation.It leads to blood cancer.

  5.It harms your respiratory system.

  6.Most importantly it damage the power of your sex and fertility.It causes  early sperm out which dissatisfied your wife.
  7.It's very harmful for pregnancy and child birth.Affects the child's health  .Such as low birth weight,high blood pressure,development of diabetes etc.
  8.Smoking affects your skin by the toxic chemical.It causes wrinkling of skin.

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