12 Nov 2016

Harmful effects of soft drinks

Those people who are drinking soft drinks ,it's now time to give up these habit .Because scientists said that these soft drinks have many harmful effects on our health.Someone claimed it is more dangerous than smoking.I want to describe some effects here .

Risk of cancer: The chance of pancreatic cancer,prostate cancer,breast cancer or other cancer will be increased day by day.
Heart:American  scientists found that soft drinks can cause for heart disease.Drinking three cans per day triples the probability of heart disease.
Liver damage:It can causes your liver damage.It also leads to Type 2 diabetes.
Premature aging:The ingredient phosphate in soft drinks can cause to speed up the aging process .It causes chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular calcification  also.
Teeth:These drinks contain high reactive solvents,soda which is harmful for teeth and enamel.
Obesity:It causes to make us fat.But if you think I am thin.It will be good for me to be fat.Your thinking is wrong.It's better to eat foods which contains fat.

So,we should careful about these soft/fizzy drinks to avoid these bad effects.

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