19 Nov 2016

Health benefits of Coconut

1.Coconut contains potassium,magnesium,copper,
  cytokynin,antioxidants and some calories.
2.Coconut is a natural source of providing you quick energy.We          drink some energy drinks or soft drinks to get energy but they           have many bad effects on health.
3.It reduces the chance of diabetes by insulin secretion.
4.Improves the digestion system(by keeping stomach strong),keeps    your blood pressure normal,protect you against kidney diseases.
5.Helps to reduce inflammation,arthritis.Protects you from many cancers,gallbladder diseases,pancreatitis etc.
6.Helps you to get strong muscle.
5.Coconut is anti-bacterial,anti-fungal,anti-parasite.For these reason it improves your immune system.

6.Helps to loss extra weight.But who are thin not to afraid to drink      or eat it.
7.Makes your skin fresh and healthy.Also helps to stop                        wrinkling,sagging.
8.Coconut oil is good for your hair.
9.Helps your brain and memory to be sharp.
10.Makes you strong in sex.

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