19 Nov 2016

Health benefits of papaya

Papaya is a kind of fruit which is full with nutrients.For this it is very healthy for us.

Vitamins:It contains Vitamin-C(more than lemons or oranges),Vitamin-A,Vitamin-complex,riboflavin,thiamin,
potassium,calcium etc which is important for our health.

Prevent cancer:Papaya can prevent colon cancer(Japanese research),prostate cancer because it contains beta-carotene.

Digestion:It contains an enzyme named papain,high amount of fiber which makes our digestion easy.

Heart:Potassium,fiber and vitamins in papaya keeps our heart strong.Also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Strong bones:Papaya contains vitamin-k which made our bone strong.If anyone suffers with fractured bone it will be very helpful.

Skin and hair:Vitamin-A of papaya helps of growth of bodily tissue(including skin,hair).Also helps to smooth your skin,prevent wrinkling of skin.

Sex:Papaya makes you sexually strong,developed your fertility.

It has many other health benefits also .Such as helps to loss weight,
stronger your immune system,keeps your eyes healthy,helpful against arthritis,reduce stress etc.

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