22 Nov 2016

Health benefits of Pineapple

Nutrients:Pineapple contains vitamin-C,vitamin-B6,potassium,
minerals which are essential for our health.
Weight loss:Pineapple doesn't contain high amount of calories.So,
it is helpful for them who want to loss weight.But don't
worry who are thin.
Cancer Prevention:Vitamin-C,Vitamin-A,beta-carotene of pineapples helps to prevent cancers.Such as blood cancer,oral cancer,throat cancer,breast cancer etc.
Immune system:Pineapple is a rich source of Vitamin-C.This is
mainly reduce illness and boost immune system. 

Heart Risk:The potassium and fiber of pineapples make our heart
strong.Reduce the risk of stroke.Also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Kidney:Pineapples reduces the acidity of uric acid.This is reducing the stress and  pressure on kidney.The minerals of Pineapple good for kidney.
Blood pressure:It is a great source of minerals and potassium
Who suffer problems with high blood pressure these may be helpful for them.It can negate the effects of sodium in the body.
Diabetes:Some fruits helps to reduce the risk of type 2
diabetes.Such as blueberries,raisins,apples,grapes,pineapples etc.
Bones health:Copper,iron,manganese of grapes strength our bones.
Digestion:Pineapple contains high amount of fiber,both soluble and insoluble.Which helps to improve your digestion system.
Brain Booster:The nutrients of pineapples helps to boost your brain.It improves your capability of solving problems.Pineapple is also helpful for him who has migraine problems.
Skin issue:The anti-inflammatory effects of quercetin helps
to prevent allergies.Pineapples also helpful to prevent acne.
Hair:It helps you to thick your hair.
Sex:Pineapples makes you sexually strong and improves 
 your fertility.

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