14 Nov 2016

How to care laptop battery

Some rules to extend your laptop battery life

1.Avoid Discharging:Don't discharge your battery fully.Keep your battery charged up 40% to 80% is a good habit.But if you always keep it 100% it's not  bad if your battery made with lithium-ion.Because it has charge-discharge cycles .

2.Keep cool: Don't allowing your laptop too hot,check your cooling fan work properly or not.

3.Hibernate mode:Don't force your laptop to be hibernate in order
 save charge.

4.Long time inactivity:A depleted battery can die forever,so recharge it soon.

5.Hot place:Don't leave your laptop in hot place,careful about direct sunlight,keep it away from hot things.

6.OS update:Keep your OS updated.Because these companies try to  upgrade things to use less power.Do it for other software's also.

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