22 Nov 2016

How to improve your sexual ability

Sex which is very important in our life.The discussion about it can't be described in words by me.Everyone wants to enjoy a healthy sex.To do for this you need to careful to do and not to do somethings.
Stop masturbation:If you have this bad habit,please stop today.This is the main cause of weakness of your penis.You will not be able to do sex for long time for this habit.You should stop watching porn also.
Stop Watching Porn:This is so harmful.It can ruin your life.If you watch porn you lose your attraction on your wife.
Healthy Eating:You should eat natural foods and fruits more and more .Which contain high amount of proteins,vitamins.You can eat meat(but not pork),fish,eggs,honey,milk.Some fruits like banana,dates,papaya,coconut etc.But not eat so much at a time.
Avoid smoking:It is very harmful for your whole body.It compress your blood vessels which causes problems with blood circulation.For this your penis is
also affected.
Avoid alcohol:Someone may suggest you drinking little beer is good for sex.But you should not believe this.It causes erectile dysfunction.
Reduce stress:You should not get afraid at the time of sex.It causes the release of the hormones adrenaline.Adrenaline
narrows blood vessels which negatively impacts erections.

Maintain a good relation:This is the main fact.You need to maintain a good relation with your wife/husband.If it not exist,you won't  be satisfied during sex.
Maintain healthy weight:Obesity reduce testosterone levels in body.By which your blood vessels clogged up,including the artery to the penis.It has harmful effect on erection.
Sleep Regularly:You should sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning.

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