19 Nov 2016

How to loss weight naturally

1.The most important thing is that not not eat so much at a time.
2.Avoid to eat something which has stored more sugars and starches.
   >different types of ice-cream
   >energy/fizzy drinks(pepsi,coca-cola)
   >some fast foods
these makes your insulin level high and makes you more fat.
3.Eat proteins
  >Fish and seafood
  >Meat(cow,chicken).But must not eat pork.
4.Eat vegetables and lemons
  >Cauliflower   >Cabbage
  >Broccoli      >Spinach
  >Kale          >Cucumber
These will also helps to improve your digestion.
5.Avoid alcohol
6.Try to avoid unprocessed foods,eat your foods slowly.
7.Get enough sleep,should sleep early at night,wake up early in the 

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