22 Nov 2016

How to stop addiction on pornography/watching porn

Pornography is a big problem worldwide.It has thousands of harmful effects on a person and society.Though we know that it is harmful,we are addicted on it.Here I try to discuss some ways to stop it.

Take decision strongly:It is very important that you should stay in your decision.It is easier when you know the harmful effects of pornography.
Destroy your collection:Delete your collection on computer or mobile or other devices.Throw away pornographic discs,magazines or others material by which you can attracted on it again.
Install software:Use anti-porn software on computer,mobile.Such as Qustodio,Microsoft Family Safety,Norton Family online,Covenant Eyes.
Busy with other activities:Don't waste your time by doing nothing.When you do this you feel bored,alone.It can cause you to watch it again.So,you can take exercise,be busy with social activities,gossip with family members or friends.
Sexual intercourse:When you wish to see again,you do sex with your wife.This is so much helpful.
Stick with your decision:You shouldn't forget the decision what is 
taken by you.

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