11 Nov 2016

Harmful effect of masturbation

Masturbation is a big problem for the young person and teenagers .They are encouraged by their friends or others.Now it's easy to watch porn .For this reason this habit increased day by day.
Someone may suggest you that there is some health benefits of masturbation.But believe that there's nothing good for you,it's only harmful to you

I try to list these below

  1.Masturbation makes your body weak.It causes many sex related diseases.

  2.It results erectile dysfunction.

  3.Masturbation turns your mind and soul stress and strain.

  4.It causes early sperm out  during sex with your wife which is
   the cause of dissatisfaction to your wife.

  5.It reduces the quantity of your sperm during sex.

  6.It reduces your interest making sex with your wife.

  7.Masturbation makes your memory weak and your thinking ability.

  8.You can't concentrate to do any work,loss your motivation.

  9.Headache,premature ejaculation,lower back pain,                       anxiety,insomnia impotence these are the results of                        masturbation.

  10.It causes for the suicidal thoughts also.

So,please stop it for your own happiness . 

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