14 Nov 2016

Harmful of hearing songs(with music)

Most of people who can't live a day without hearing songs,they think songs(with music) can refreshed their minds.But it is a wrong idea.Here I try to describe some effects

Effects on body:Vibration of sound affects the nervous system,shocks to your muscle in rhythmically  which is bad for the connection of hands,legs,feet with your brain which can cause paralysis.

Music increases the rate of heart-beat which makes your heart weak.Narrows your blood vessel,makes your blood pressure high

Effects on brain:In a research 18 people divided in two groups.
Group 1:no music
Group 2:dis harmonic music 
After two months the neurons(by which our brain thinking) of the people of Group 2 were tangled and damaged but the neurons of the people of Group 1 were normal.Members of Group 1 can solve some difficult mathematical problems.But Group 2 can't solve.

Psychology:Most of the songs are full of emotion and most lines are imaginary.By hearing these lines a person also thinking something this way and turns him out of real life.

So,please stop it.It will be difficult but you have to do it.

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