11 Nov 2016

Harmful effects of late night sleeping

Sleep at late night is a big problem for the new generation.It causes many bad effects on our health.

1.Stress:Sleeping at late night causes stress.For this when you're at workplace you can't focus to do something attentively .

2.Headache:It causes headaches and back aches.
3.Diseases:A hormone named cortisol releases from our body  which increases  blood pressure and slow down the cell    regeneration for sleeping late night. It can causes diabetes and hypertension also.
4.Obesity:Sleeping late night may causes obesity or makes you thinner if you are thin .

5.Dark spot:It causes dark spot or circles under your eyes which affects  your beauty.Pimples or other kinds skin problems may appear.

6.Digestive system:Your digestive system get affected .You suffer 
 constipation,frequent hyper acidity,indigestion etc.
7.Sex:Remember that which is bad for health ,it is bad for your sex also.

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