20 Dec 2016

Some bad habits in our daily life which are harmful for our health.

Health is wealth,we know it.But everyday we do some mistakes which causes harm to our health.I try to describe it below.

1.Eat much more at a time:It is very bad for us.This is the main reason of any diseases.Mainly problems with digestion,high blood pressure,diabetes,heart attack etc.We need to eat a little at a time.Eat several times in a day if you are hungry but not much more at a time.

2.Sleep at late night:This is a great problem in modern days.Especially for social websites like facebook,pinterest,linkedin,google+ etc people are busy in virtual world at night or spend time by watching movies,dramas,sports.Someone busy with playing 
games in mobile,pc. For these activities we go to bed late and wake up late which has bad effects on our health.

3.Peeing with standings:This is bad for our kidney,bladder,prostrate etc.Because by this method the bladder will not empty fully.It has bad effects on our sexual ability also.It causes erectile dysfunction.
Another bad habit is holding the pressure of pee for long time.This is harmful for blood.

4.Pornography & Masturbation:It's so easy now to watch porn anywhere.It may be in home,schools,playing fields,in long journeys or other places .It increases the rate of masturbation specially the teenagers.You hardly believes the harmful effects of Pornography & Masturbation on our health and mind,also in society.

5.Allow harmful rays:We spend much time with PC,Mobile,television,camera,play station games or other electric devices.But these devices performs with harmful rays which is bad for our skin and causes many diseases.These affects our 
eyes also.

6.Hearing songs:Songs with loud music causes high  blood pressure,problems with hearing ,affects the brain also.But don't think that songs with low or classical music is good for us.

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Why You Should Pee by Sitting Down

Pee is a very common activity in our daily life.It is good for our health because by this process the unnecessary things gone out from our body.I think most of the people of the world do it without sitting down.But they don't know how harmful it is 
for them.Here I try to describe the bad effects of do it by standing.

1.Prostate Problems: Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that who are sitting down at the time of pee ,they have no risk to suffer Lower Urinary Tract disease symptoms to pee with greater force.It creates "a more favourable
urodynamic profile" which helps ward off Prostate Problems.On the other hand who do it by standing they will suffer with prostrate problems(it is a matter of time).

2.Kidney Problems:When someone peeing with standing some pee stored in and this can cause stone in kidney.

3.Effects on sex:Men who is peeing sitting down can able to fully empty their bladder,which is better for prostrates and help to have a healthy sexual life.But the person who do it by standing ,he harms his sexual power and fertility.
     Medical research reported in Sweden’s Folket newspaper said that sitting might mean reduced prostate cancer risk and be better for you in the bedroom.

4.Zipper problems:Many persons have experience about it ,it hurts very much and sometimes it is very dangerous.The persons peeing with standing faces the problem more.

5.Bad smell all over:Peeing by standing splatter giving a bad smell all over. When you remain in standing then,  pee will spread over various portions, and causes a very bad smell.

Another important thing is that you shouldn't hold up the pressure of pee.It is so bad for men and women.It has harmful effects on our blood.

So,All of you please do it by sitting down

Some Negative Effects of Homosexuality

It is natural that human being feels attraction on his/her opposite gender.Creator creates this attraction on us. They fulfil their sexual demand by others and it's a pleasant way.By this way they can get a child.
   But in modern days some people want to do sex with same gender.This is not a good sign for society.There are so many negative sides of homosexuality.I try to list here some of them.

Physical Health:Lesbians and Gays are at higher risk of STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases).
Australian STD clinic found that lesbians are three to four times more likely than heterosexual women to have sex with men who were high risk for HIV.
Dangerous Diseases:It causes some dangerous diseases like

        *Anal Cancer
        *Chlamydia trachomatis
        *Giardia lamblia
        *Herpes simplex virus
        * Human immunodeficiency virus
        * Human papilloma virus
        *Isospora belli
        *Viral hepatitis types B & C

Mental Health:There are high rates of psychiatric illnesses, including depression, drug abuse, and suicide
 attempts, among gays and lesbians. This is true even in the Netherlands, where gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) relationships are far more socially acceptable than in the U.S. Depression and drug abuse are strongly associated with risky sexual practices that lead to serious medical problems.

Life Span:Life span of gay men concluded that gay and bisexual men lose up to 10-20 years of life expectancy.

Monogamy:It means long term sexual fidelity,particularly among gay men.They said that sex outside the relationship within the first year and nearly 90% if the relation lasted five years.

19 Dec 2016

Some Bad Habits Which Harms Your Digestive System

Proper digestion is very important for our health.If this system is disturbed ,it causes damage for our health.We can't get accepted improvement of our body,though we eat healthy foods 
and fruits.So,we need to know by which habits our digestive system get affected.

Overeating:This is the main reason.When anyone eat more than he need.His digestive system get affected.The digestive organ can't work properly.The best way to eat divide your stomach in three 
equal parts.One for foods,one for water and other part of stomach should be empty.

Drink water just after eating:Most of us do this,But this is a wrong habit.Drink water after 10 minutes minimum.Drink water often during eating is also a bad habit.

Bathing just after eating:This is another bad habit.It causes lower your body temperature than you need for your digestion.You should wait at least half an hour.You should take bath before eating
if needed.

Wearing Tight Clothes:Now a days most of the people wearing  tight clothes to make them look slim,young and smart.But it's not a good idea.This types of clothes put extreme pressure on  abdomen,this can contribute to heartburn.So,try to wear comfortable and loose clothes.

Do any hard task for brain:If someone attempts to do any  task which is hard for brain,it may solving a difficult math,memorize something ,playing mind games etc.These activities  creates pressure on brain  and  disturbs the nerves which are used for proper digestion after eating.

Bad sexual habits:Someone who is addicted on pornography and masturbation,he is in great risk to face problems with digestion.Please try to stop these bad habits.This can ruin 
your happy life.Don't do sex just after eating also.

Smoking:It is known to all that smoking is bad for us.It affects our digestive system also.Smoking just after eating causes heat burn by relaxing  lower esophageal sphincter. It also causes irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcer. Colon muscles are affected also.
Loosen the belt:After overeating someone loosen their belt,but it's a bad habit also.This habit causes big bulking belly.

Watching Television:Do something during eating has negative effects on digestion.Like watching television,playing games on mobile or other device,busy with social sites,reading newspaper or textbooks .These activities makes busy your nerves to 
concentrate with other things rather than digestion.

So,try to avoid these bad habits to make proper digestion and lead a healthy life.

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Bad effects on Health of Wearing Tight Clothes

Now a days most of the people want to wear tight or skinny clothes.We wear tight clothes to look slim, beautiful and young.We think that it makes us smart.But it's not good for our health.The harmful effects of wearing tight clothes are so many.

 Effects on blood circulation:When anyone wearing tight jeans or any other clothes which is tight,this causes compression of our muscles and nerves  of our body .For this reason blood can't 
circulate in normal pressure in vein and artery(by which the blood circulate) .It causes high blood pressure and serious damage after a few days.

Abdominal pain:Sometimes we wear dresses which  is stick to our stomach.It creates pressure on our stomach,as a result it causes pressure on abdomen which causes a lot of pain.The natural digestion process is also disturbed for this reason.So,we should be careful about this and avoid using tight dresses or belt.

Back pain:Recently ,most of the people prefer to wear low waist tight jeans .This type of  jeans compress our back muscles and restrict hip movements.It creates pressure on our spine and back,it can causes lot of pain.So,try to avoid this type of clothing to save your spine.  

Tingling Thigh Syndrome:Also known as Meralgia Paresthetica.It is one of the most common nerve disorders.When someone wearing tight or skinny jeans ,it causes compression of nerve on the thighs,which is the reason of tingling or burning sensation.

Compartment syndrome:It is a condition that results from increased in a confined body space.Few days ago a 35 year old woman legs had swelled up badly and her ankles become so weak that she couldn't walk.The doctors found that this woman spent her 
day by wearing a pair of tight pants.It can happened with anyone .

Yeast Infection:Yeast allergies causes itching and scratchy sensation on skin,sometimes it becomes painful  and frustrating.When someone wear tight clothes,it prevents circulation of air on skin which helps to yeast production.

Sex and Fertility:It is most important.Researchers claim that the use of tight clothing causes a decrease in sperm quality sperm count of 60 million per milliliter usually has now dropped dramatically to the figure of 20 million per milliliter.So,it is clear that it causes
harmful effect on fertility.Tight pants also put extreme pressure on penis which is so bad.
     Doesn't think that women are safe.They are also in risk who 
wears tight clothes.

So, be careful about wearing clothes.Try to avoid tight pants,jeans,belts or others.

What should and shouldn't do at the time of pregnancy

It is a wonderful feeling for a woman when she is pregnant.But you should be sensible during this period for your new-comer.Need to take care of yourself for your baby.So, you should do and shouldn't do something in this time.

1.Need to take balance diet ,Don't eat much more at a time in this        period.Have your meal time to time.
2.Eat fruits like dates,banana,coconut,grapes,mangoes   ,oranges,pomegranates etc. which has heavy nutritional value.         These fruits helps your baby get enough nutrition.You also try          honey and milk.
3.Drink enough water at least 8 to 10 glasses everyday(it may vary    in winter season).But you should drink water when you feel              thirst.
4.Must be avoid alcohol and smoking.It is very bad for you and           your baby.It causes breathing problems.
5.Try to avoid processed foods,fast foods,chocolate and anything         which is very hot or very cold.

Some Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd is also known as cacabash.It has different names in different region.Such as lauki,lau,doodhi in Indian region.No matter by which it called.Here I try to describe it's health benefits.

Nutrition facts:It contains Vitamin-C,Vitamin-B,Thiamin,Niacin,Pantothenic acid,Calcium,Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Sodium, Manganese and Magnesium etc.
      Most importantly 
               *Doesn't contain any fat 
               *Low in calories and 
               *About 90% water.
Weight loss:This is a popular vegetable for weight loss.The juice of bottle gourd is widely used for weight loss.It contains heavy 
fiber and low in calories(14%) with no fat.

Digestion:The fiber and water of bottle gourd can clean your digestive track and helps you for easy bowel movement.It also treats diarrhoea and constipation.You can drink it's juice ,if you like.It is useful in urinary disorder.

Healthy heart:By consuming bottle gourd juice regularly on empty stomach in morning,you can low your  LDL cholesterol level(bad cholesterol for health) and increase HDL cholesterol level(good cholesterol for health). This  is good for your heart.Reduce 
the risk of stroke.

Healthy Liver:The presence of zinc in bottle gourd helps your liver from any kinds  of damage,helps to improve the functionality of liver and also assist in absorption of nutrients.

Energy booster:After doing any hard work you can drink it's juice. Because natural sugar of it helps to restore the glucose level and carbohydrate which is lost during work.This juice also helps to boost your muscles.

Reduce Stress: Choline - a kind of neurotransmitter helps to improve the function of brain and prevent stress ,depression and other mental disorders.

Hair and Skin:Bottle Gourd is useful for preventing premature graying hair.It can balance oil secretion on face which is helpful for prevent acne and pimple on face.

Sexual Health:Bottle Gourd can increase the testosterone hormone which is good for man in sex.It has relation with fertility.

8 Dec 2016

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Nutrition facts:
Pomegranate contains protein(3%),energy(4%),carbohydrates(14%),fat(6%),Vitamin(C,E,K),calcium,copper,iron,magnesium
zinc,dietary fiber etc which are helpful for our health.

Prevent Cancer:The nutrients of Pomegranate specially helps to  prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer.
This is also helpful for blood cancer,brain cancer,oral cancer,liver cancer,lungs cancer etc.

Digestion:Pomegranate contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers.These helps to smooth digestion.It is also helps to normal your bowel movement.

Immune system:Pomegranate is very helpful who suffers with a weak immune system.It has anti-bacterial and anti-micoral property
which are help to get healthy immune system.

Regeneration of cells:Punicic acid,Ellagic acid,Antioxidant of Pomegranate helps to cell regeneration and proliferation.

Heart issue:Again the punicic acid gives protection against heart diseases and makes the heart strong.

Diabetes:The juice of Pomegranate is very helpful for them who has Type-2 diabetes.It can balance blood sugar levels and 
insulin level.

Cholesterol issue:Pomegranate can decrease the LDL cholesterol which is harmful for our health and increase the 
HDL cholesterol which is good for our health.

Blood pressure:Pomegranate can keep your blood pressure,it is very helpful who has high blood pressure.

In Pregnancy:It is helpful for women when they are pregnant.Because it provides iron which is helpful for lactation and milk production.

Skin Issue:Vitamin-E of Pomegranate keeps your skin healthy and young looking.  

Sex:Pomegranate reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.It can increase the amount of sperm which improves your 
sexual power and fertility.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Hearts health:High monounsaturated fat diets LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol.This is good for our hearts health.A study showed that the intensive users of olive oil who used it cooking and dressings had a 41% lower risk of stroke than who didn't use olive oil.Extra virgin oil is considered as an anti-inflammatory food as well as protector of cardiovascular.

Diabetes:Mono-saturated and poly-saturated fat has effects on insulin sensitivity which helps to reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes.

Cancer prevention:Researchers found that probably high olive and olive oil consumption in southern Europe represents an important contribution to the beneficial effects of cancer prevention.Olive oil contains antioxidant which prevents cancer.

Breast cancer:It is so common in western countries.A diet rich in fats causes this cancer.Virgin olive oil contains Oleic acid,
monounsaturated fatty acid,anti-oxidants which are gives
protection against breast cancer.

Depression:Olive oil contains healthy fats which can balance our
hormone and has anti-inflammatory effects.These can reduce 
the risk of depression.A study in 2011 by Las Palmas University found that mono-saturated and poly-saturated fat intake had an inverse relationship with depression risk.

 Brains Health:The brain is largely made up with with fatty acids.Like other sources of healthy fatty acids,olive oil also contains fatty acids.Olive oil is considered to be a brain food 
which helps to improves focus and memory.

Skin health:Olive oil can protect skin from UV light damage,exposure to toxicity,food allergies and free radicals.Extra virgin olive oil is helpful for preventing acne and eczema.

Sex:Massage of olive oil on your penis helps to stronger your penis.It provides many nutrients and improve blood circulation on it.You need regular massage for this purpose.Olive oil also reduce vaginal dryness to make sex comfortable.

Health Benefits of Lychee

Nutrition facts:It contains energy(66 kcal),carbohydrate(16.53gms ,sugar(15.23 gms),protein(0.83gms),vitamin(B1,B2,B3,B6),
vitamin-C,calcium,magnesium,manganese,potassium etc which are essential for our health.

Prevent Cancer:The compounds polyphenolic and  proanthocyanidins in Lychee can neutralize free radicals.Free radicals causes cancer,premature aging,cognitive disorders,heart diseases etc.  

Digestion:The dietary fibers of Lychee helps to increase our digestive health.Also helps bowel movements to move on digestive track smoothly.It reduce constipation.

Heart diseases: Lychee can reduce LDL(bad cholesterol) and increase HDL(good cholesterol).It helps blood flow to the heart and reduce risk of heart attack and hypertension.

Effects on health of using computer

No doubt about that the Computer is a great invention of science.It can save our time,do something so easily for which a human being need thousand of years.But having many positive effects for us today,it has some serious effects on our health.

Vision problems:Long time uses of computer can cause vision problems.It is called CVD (Computer Vision Syndrome).The reduced or high level of contrast of background,glare of computer screen cause stress on eyes.some other problems are eye strain,headache,blurred vision etc.

Physical health:Using computer for long time causes arms pain,neck pain and wrists pain.By using computer keyboard for long time you can suffer with muscle pain.So take break time to time.

Radiation effects:Many computers have Cathode Ray Tube which send X-ray radiation.It causes cancer,tumor ,abortion,insomnia,
birth defects etc.So,use it far from your body as much as possible.

Problems with sleeping:Long term using at night cut your needed time of sleeping.By which you suffer with drowsiness,face difficulty to give concentration on something,also depression of immune system.

Addictive:Many people get addicted on it.They are keen to use social media and want to see something new.Some others playing games,it is so bad for students.Some others addicted with pornography,it leads cybersex.

So,be careful about it and use it properly to save yourself from bad effects of it.