19 Dec 2016

Bad effects on Health of Wearing Tight Clothes

Now a days most of the people want to wear tight or skinny clothes.We wear tight clothes to look slim, beautiful and young.We think that it makes us smart.But it's not good for our health.The harmful effects of wearing tight clothes are so many.

 Effects on blood circulation:When anyone wearing tight jeans or any other clothes which is tight,this causes compression of our muscles and nerves  of our body .For this reason blood can't 
circulate in normal pressure in vein and artery(by which the blood circulate) .It causes high blood pressure and serious damage after a few days.

Abdominal pain:Sometimes we wear dresses which  is stick to our stomach.It creates pressure on our stomach,as a result it causes pressure on abdomen which causes a lot of pain.The natural digestion process is also disturbed for this reason.So,we should be careful about this and avoid using tight dresses or belt.

Back pain:Recently ,most of the people prefer to wear low waist tight jeans .This type of  jeans compress our back muscles and restrict hip movements.It creates pressure on our spine and back,it can causes lot of pain.So,try to avoid this type of clothing to save your spine.  

Tingling Thigh Syndrome:Also known as Meralgia Paresthetica.It is one of the most common nerve disorders.When someone wearing tight or skinny jeans ,it causes compression of nerve on the thighs,which is the reason of tingling or burning sensation.

Compartment syndrome:It is a condition that results from increased in a confined body space.Few days ago a 35 year old woman legs had swelled up badly and her ankles become so weak that she couldn't walk.The doctors found that this woman spent her 
day by wearing a pair of tight pants.It can happened with anyone .

Yeast Infection:Yeast allergies causes itching and scratchy sensation on skin,sometimes it becomes painful  and frustrating.When someone wear tight clothes,it prevents circulation of air on skin which helps to yeast production.

Sex and Fertility:It is most important.Researchers claim that the use of tight clothing causes a decrease in sperm quality sperm count of 60 million per milliliter usually has now dropped dramatically to the figure of 20 million per milliliter.So,it is clear that it causes
harmful effect on fertility.Tight pants also put extreme pressure on penis which is so bad.
     Doesn't think that women are safe.They are also in risk who 
wears tight clothes.

So, be careful about wearing clothes.Try to avoid tight pants,jeans,belts or others.

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