8 Dec 2016

Effects on health of using computer

No doubt about that the Computer is a great invention of science.It can save our time,do something so easily for which a human being need thousand of years.But having many positive effects for us today,it has some serious effects on our health.

Vision problems:Long time uses of computer can cause vision problems.It is called CVD (Computer Vision Syndrome).The reduced or high level of contrast of background,glare of computer screen cause stress on eyes.some other problems are eye strain,headache,blurred vision etc.

Physical health:Using computer for long time causes arms pain,neck pain and wrists pain.By using computer keyboard for long time you can suffer with muscle pain.So take break time to time.

Radiation effects:Many computers have Cathode Ray Tube which send X-ray radiation.It causes cancer,tumor ,abortion,insomnia,
birth defects etc.So,use it far from your body as much as possible.

Problems with sleeping:Long term using at night cut your needed time of sleeping.By which you suffer with drowsiness,face difficulty to give concentration on something,also depression of immune system.

Addictive:Many people get addicted on it.They are keen to use social media and want to see something new.Some others playing games,it is so bad for students.Some others addicted with pornography,it leads cybersex.

So,be careful about it and use it properly to save yourself from bad effects of it.

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