8 Dec 2016

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Nutrition facts:
Pomegranate contains protein(3%),energy(4%),carbohydrates(14%),fat(6%),Vitamin(C,E,K),calcium,copper,iron,magnesium
zinc,dietary fiber etc which are helpful for our health.

Prevent Cancer:The nutrients of Pomegranate specially helps to  prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer.
This is also helpful for blood cancer,brain cancer,oral cancer,liver cancer,lungs cancer etc.

Digestion:Pomegranate contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers.These helps to smooth digestion.It is also helps to normal your bowel movement.

Immune system:Pomegranate is very helpful who suffers with a weak immune system.It has anti-bacterial and anti-micoral property
which are help to get healthy immune system.

Regeneration of cells:Punicic acid,Ellagic acid,Antioxidant of Pomegranate helps to cell regeneration and proliferation.

Heart issue:Again the punicic acid gives protection against heart diseases and makes the heart strong.

Diabetes:The juice of Pomegranate is very helpful for them who has Type-2 diabetes.It can balance blood sugar levels and 
insulin level.

Cholesterol issue:Pomegranate can decrease the LDL cholesterol which is harmful for our health and increase the 
HDL cholesterol which is good for our health.

Blood pressure:Pomegranate can keep your blood pressure,it is very helpful who has high blood pressure.

In Pregnancy:It is helpful for women when they are pregnant.Because it provides iron which is helpful for lactation and milk production.

Skin Issue:Vitamin-E of Pomegranate keeps your skin healthy and young looking.  

Sex:Pomegranate reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.It can increase the amount of sperm which improves your 
sexual power and fertility.

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