20 Dec 2016

Some bad habits in our daily life which are harmful for our health.

Health is wealth,we know it.But everyday we do some mistakes which causes harm to our health.I try to describe it below.

1.Eat much more at a time:It is very bad for us.This is the main reason of any diseases.Mainly problems with digestion,high blood pressure,diabetes,heart attack etc.We need to eat a little at a time.Eat several times in a day if you are hungry but not much more at a time.

2.Sleep at late night:This is a great problem in modern days.Especially for social websites like facebook,pinterest,linkedin,google+ etc people are busy in virtual world at night or spend time by watching movies,dramas,sports.Someone busy with playing 
games in mobile,pc. For these activities we go to bed late and wake up late which has bad effects on our health.

3.Peeing with standings:This is bad for our kidney,bladder,prostrate etc.Because by this method the bladder will not empty fully.It has bad effects on our sexual ability also.It causes erectile dysfunction.
Another bad habit is holding the pressure of pee for long time.This is harmful for blood.

4.Pornography & Masturbation:It's so easy now to watch porn anywhere.It may be in home,schools,playing fields,in long journeys or other places .It increases the rate of masturbation specially the teenagers.You hardly believes the harmful effects of Pornography & Masturbation on our health and mind,also in society.

5.Allow harmful rays:We spend much time with PC,Mobile,television,camera,play station games or other electric devices.But these devices performs with harmful rays which is bad for our skin and causes many diseases.These affects our 
eyes also.

6.Hearing songs:Songs with loud music causes high  blood pressure,problems with hearing ,affects the brain also.But don't think that songs with low or classical music is good for us.

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