19 Dec 2016

Some Bad Habits Which Harms Your Digestive System

Proper digestion is very important for our health.If this system is disturbed ,it causes damage for our health.We can't get accepted improvement of our body,though we eat healthy foods 
and fruits.So,we need to know by which habits our digestive system get affected.

Overeating:This is the main reason.When anyone eat more than he need.His digestive system get affected.The digestive organ can't work properly.The best way to eat divide your stomach in three 
equal parts.One for foods,one for water and other part of stomach should be empty.

Drink water just after eating:Most of us do this,But this is a wrong habit.Drink water after 10 minutes minimum.Drink water often during eating is also a bad habit.

Bathing just after eating:This is another bad habit.It causes lower your body temperature than you need for your digestion.You should wait at least half an hour.You should take bath before eating
if needed.

Wearing Tight Clothes:Now a days most of the people wearing  tight clothes to make them look slim,young and smart.But it's not a good idea.This types of clothes put extreme pressure on  abdomen,this can contribute to heartburn.So,try to wear comfortable and loose clothes.

Do any hard task for brain:If someone attempts to do any  task which is hard for brain,it may solving a difficult math,memorize something ,playing mind games etc.These activities  creates pressure on brain  and  disturbs the nerves which are used for proper digestion after eating.

Bad sexual habits:Someone who is addicted on pornography and masturbation,he is in great risk to face problems with digestion.Please try to stop these bad habits.This can ruin 
your happy life.Don't do sex just after eating also.

Smoking:It is known to all that smoking is bad for us.It affects our digestive system also.Smoking just after eating causes heat burn by relaxing  lower esophageal sphincter. It also causes irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcer. Colon muscles are affected also.
Loosen the belt:After overeating someone loosen their belt,but it's a bad habit also.This habit causes big bulking belly.

Watching Television:Do something during eating has negative effects on digestion.Like watching television,playing games on mobile or other device,busy with social sites,reading newspaper or textbooks .These activities makes busy your nerves to 
concentrate with other things rather than digestion.

So,try to avoid these bad habits to make proper digestion and lead a healthy life.

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