19 Dec 2016

What should and shouldn't do at the time of pregnancy

It is a wonderful feeling for a woman when she is pregnant.But you should be sensible during this period for your new-comer.Need to take care of yourself for your baby.So, you should do and shouldn't do something in this time.

1.Need to take balance diet ,Don't eat much more at a time in this        period.Have your meal time to time.
2.Eat fruits like dates,banana,coconut,grapes,mangoes   ,oranges,pomegranates etc. which has heavy nutritional value.         These fruits helps your baby get enough nutrition.You also try          honey and milk.
3.Drink enough water at least 8 to 10 glasses everyday(it may vary    in winter season).But you should drink water when you feel              thirst.
4.Must be avoid alcohol and smoking.It is very bad for you and           your baby.It causes breathing problems.
5.Try to avoid processed foods,fast foods,chocolate and anything         which is very hot or very cold.

6.Get enough sleep at least 8 hours.Sleep early at night and get up       early.
7.Don't wear tight clothes.
8.Don't watch television so much.Try not to hearing songs(mostly       with loud music). Believe it or not it has bad effects on your              baby and you also.

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