3 Jan 2017

Causes of high blood pressure and it's treatment

This is a common problem for adult or middle aged person.About 75 million American are affected by this.Most of the problems in our health occur by our bad habits.We can control it by avoid these
bad habits.

    Causes of High Blood Pressure  and It's natural treatment 

1.Smoking:It is the main cause.Because your artery and vein(by which the blood circulate) will compressed day by day by smoking.

2.Overeating:Any problem of health can causes by overeating.Your blood can't circulate  properly if you have habit of overeating.

3.Lack of physical activity:In our city life we hardly do any physical work.It's makes us lazy and causes high blood pressure.

4.Taking too much salt:Eat more salt with foods causes hypertension or high blood  pressure.

5.Too much alcohol consumption:It creates problems for artery and vein.

6.Stress:If you are stressed your blood circulatory system can't work properly.

7.Sleep at late night regularly:It's a bad habit.It can causes many more health problems not only high blood pressure.

So ,you should try to avoid these causes of high blood pressure to prevent it.

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