3 Jan 2017

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd is also known by cacabash.It has different names in different region.Such as lauki,lau,doodhi in Indian region.No matter by which it called.Here I try to describe it's health benefits.

Nutrition facts:It contains Vitamin-C,Vitamin-B,Thiamin,Niacin,Pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, sodium, manganese and magnesium etc.Most importantly it doesn't contain any fat, also low in calorie and about 90% water.

Weight loss:This is a popular vegetable for weight loss.The juice of bottle gourd is widely used for weight loss.It contains heavy 
fiber and low in calories(14%) with no fat.

Digestion:The fiber and water of bottle gourd can clean your your digestive track and helps you for easy bowel movement.It also treats diarrhoea and constipation.You can drink it's juice ,if you like.It is useful in urinary disorder.

Healthy heart:By consuming bottle gourd juice regularly on empty stomach in morning you can low your  LDL cholesterol level(bad cholesterol for health) and increase HDL cholesterol level(good cholesterol for health). This  is good for your heart.Reduce 
the risk of stroke.

Healthy Liver:The presence of zinc in bottle gourd helps your liver from any kinds  of damage,helps to improve the functionality of liver and also assist in absorption of nutrients.

Energy booster:After doing any hard work you can drink it's juice .Because natural sugar of it helps to restore the glucose level and carbohydrate which is lost during work.This juice also helps to boost your muscles.

Reduce Stress: Choline - a kind of neurotransmitter helps to improve the function of brain and prevent stress ,depression and other mental disorders.

Hair and Skin:Bottle Gourd is useful for preventing premature graying hair.It can balance oil secretion on face which is helpful for prevent acne and pimple on face.

Sexual Health:Bottle Gourd can increase the testosterone hormone which is good for man in sex.It has relation with fertility.

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