3 Jan 2017

Some Bad Effects Of Playing Chess

People believe that this game can improve brain's health.Someone also inspired students and kids to play chess.Those people who can't play chess ,they think who can play chess is a brilliant person. 
But these ideas are wrong.

This game is actually harmful for mind,body and soul.Here I try to describe some bad effects of playing chess.

Brain effect:When a player play chess ,he needs to do multitasking (multi move) at same time.But experts said that multitasking at the same time is bad for brain.We do it more in mobile phone.Like hearing songs,browse social sites,playing games at the same time.

Anxiety and Stress:It is very common.Someone feel anxious before play  and he stressed when he loss in a game.He is always worried about that.A stress response is also linked to how performance is judged and reported.

Addictive:This game is so much addictive.It is very bad for students.When they are at reading table or in class, they think about the move of chess.When they are loss on this game ,they are very much worried about it.This can also happen with any person not 
only with students.This game could be dangerous as any other drugs which ruins your life.

Waste of  time:When something is addictive ,it also kills your time.When someone losses,he want to play more to win over opponents.Sometimes it take more time in every move.This causes waste of time in every game.

Lastly this game has no similarity in real life.I describe some move of this game.

King: In this game a king can only move his around only one step.But in real life a king can able to go any distance which he need.And when a king is killed the game is over.But in real life a war can be continued after king's death.

Queen:In this game a queen can go everywhere and can move a long distance.But in real life a king can do this.A queen should be stay  in palace.

Rook:In this game a rook can move only in straight line not in a curve way.But in real life a rook can move straight or in a curve way.

Bishop/Elephant:In this game an elephant can move only in curve line not in a straight line.But in real life an elephant can move straight or in a curve way.

Knight/Horse:A horse can move only two and a half step in this game.This has no similarity with real life.

 So,please don't think that this game can improve your brain,it's only a wrong idea.

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