3 Jan 2017

Some Bad Effects of Taking Sleeping Pills

Many people take sleeping pills in order to take a restful sleep or in problems with sleeping at night.Someone take it as a drug.But they should be aware of it.
Because it has many side effects on health.

Some side effects of taking sleeping pills given below.

   * Dizziness
   * Drowsiness in day life(it cause problems with driving,in                   working place,in class etc)
   * Dryness of mouth
   * Memory loss
   * High blood pressure
   * Blurred vision
   * Clumsiness
   * Breathing difficulties
   * Difficulty with coordination

How to develop good sleeping habits

  *Do physical work or take exercise at day time
  *Try to sleep early at night 
  *Wake up early at morning
  *Don't sleep at the time of sunrise and sunset
  *Avoid Oversleeping
  *Don't use your bed for other works such as                                         eating,reading,watching television
  *Avoid caffeineted drinks at night
  *Give up smoking and drinking alcohol
  *Avoid working on a computer, tablet or smartphone late in the         evening

Do these things and say Good-bye to sleeping pills. 

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