3 Jan 2017

Some Causes of Belly Fat ,Try to Avoid These

Gaining belly fat is a common problem worldwide.It caused by some unhealthy habits.

Inactivity:It is one of the main cause.A study at  1988-2010 in the US found that there was a significant increase of inactivity.It causes overweight and abdominal girth in  men and women.

  So,you need to do physical work or taking exercise to cut fat.

Lack of Enough Sleep:If you neglect good sleeping habit,it will be bad for your health as well as gaining belly fat.Sleeping more time than needs is also bad.

   So,you should try to get enough sleep, try to sleep early and wake up early.

Overeating:It is a common bad habit.When anyone take much more foods or calories or energies these extra calories can be stored as belly fat.

   So,You should have control over overeating.

Drink too much Alcohol:Researchers claimed that drinking too much alcohol can cause gaining your belly fat.It has many other harmful effects on health also.

  So,try to avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Eat lot of Sugary Foods:Excessive eating of sugary foods isn't good for health.There is a relation between  high sugar intake and increased abdominal fat.It also causes obesity.

  So,try to avoid foods drinks  which contain excessive  sugar like chocolate and soft drinks(coca-cola,pepsi,7up etc)

Stress:This is another reason.It causes belly fat by triggering the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone.”

 So,try to stress free.

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