3 Jan 2017

Some Negative Effects of Playing Video Games

Some negative of playing video games are given below.

Time Killing:These games are so much addictive.
For this reason it kills a lot of time of a person especially teenagers,students.

Aggressive Behavior : Video games with violent/destructive content can causes aggressive behavior in any person especially teenagers. Study showed that young people who show more rapid desensitization to violent pictures are going to be more accepting of violence, which is dangerous for the society at large.

Poor Academic Result:Those students who spend a lot of time to play video games, they don't give enough time to study.Particularly, violent games are directly related to attention problems.

 So,this causes poor academic performance of a student.

Physical Problems:Researchers found that who spend lot of times by playing video games were much more likely to develop black rings  under the eyes and may also in risk of displacement 
of the shoulder blade, which can be caused by poor posture and muscle stiffness.

Attention Problems: Researchers claims that those children who spend more than two hours of screen time per day are twice as likely to have trouble paying attention.It may be playing video games or watching television.

Lack of Vitamin-D:Pediatrics reported that 7 out of 10 children are vitamin D deficient.Naturally Vitamin-D is absorbed by sunlight.But who are addicted ,they can't get enough sunlight.

Stress:When someone become so obsessed with video games, their failures and pressure to achieve their goals in a game cause excessive amounts of stress.So what is played for fun and entertainment transforms into a catalyst for stress, anger and misery.

Changes in Lifestyle:Who are addicted in video games ,they are not so aware of eating ,sleeping ,bathing or doing other daily activities time to time.These bad habits can causes stroke,hypertension or other physical problems in the long run. 

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