16 Feb 2017

Harmful Effects of Using Cosmetics

People use makeup to look them beautiful and to attract others.But they need to know his/her beauty is not for all and the side effects of makeup is so dangerous for skin.You may look beautiful
for some hours but it's effect on your skin stay for long time.

And why should you do it,are you not happy with your natural beauty?Why should you wanted to get 
satisfy by artificial beauty?

Here I describe some bad effects of taking makeup.

 Acne:It is a common problem.The chemicals can also causes rashes,itching.

Dryness of skin:The powder can make your skin dry because it absorbs the water or oil of your skin.

Allergic Reaction:Some makeup ingredients like fragrances and preservatives trigger allergic reactions.

Cancer:Hydrated silica is a chemical which can cause the development of cancer.Chemicals also absorbed through the skin and bringing toxin to the lungs.

Headaches:Stay with makeup for long time causes headaches.
Problems of eye's:Our eyes are so much sensitive.People use mascara to beautify the eye-slashes. But it can causes the falling of eyelashes.Eyeliners and kohls can cause itching ,redness,watery 
eyes and burning sensation. Eye-shadow can cause same effect if it enter into eye.

Aging:People use makeup to look them young but the harmful chemical  can cause wrinkling of skin,lines and black spots on skin.These make you older than your actual age.

Other health problems:The harmful effect of makeup not only limited with skin but also other problems.Lipsticks, kajal sticks and eye-shadows can affect your nervous system which can cause high blood pressure ,abnormal behaviour and decrease the rate of fertility.

Don't think that cosmetics can increase your beauty,it's a wrong idea.These cosmetics decrease your beauty day by day.

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